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Key of B Flat

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Shaw B Flat Whistle
€72.95 €65.50

Shaw B Flat Whistle. Traditional folk instrument (Penny Whistle) SHAW whistles are a sweet toned ..

Chieftain Thunderbird B Flat
€150.00 €135.00

Chieftain Thunderbird Bf Mezzo Soprano Whistle A nice whistle to play for yourself and accompany ..

Generation B Flat Brass Whistle
€7.70 €6.95

It has a bright clear and good tone with true tuning Generation whistles have a very strong t..

Generation B Flat Nickel Whistle
€8.40 €7.50

Tin whistle with a blue plastic mouthpiece Product Features One of the most popular penny..

Susato Kildare B Flat Whistle
€99.00 €89.99

Two piece plastic tuneable with thumb rest and a rich tone. Product Features Great session ..

Chieftain B Flat Tuneable
€199.00 €179.00

Chieftain Bf Mezzo Soprano Whistle, Tuneable A must for the pro player for recording session..

Susato Oriole Set - B Flat - C - D - E Flat
€95.00 €85.50

Susato Oriole whistles 2 piece adjustable whistles. a new low cost susato. great for beginners ..

The Feadóg original Irish whistle has been and continues to be manufactured in Ireland since 1978 and is now sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. All Feadóg products are barcoded and feature attractive Celtic, modern imagery. The Feadóg Irish Tin Whistle is the ideal Irish gift for people of all ages!