Feadóg - The Original Irish Whistle. Made in Ireland since 1978

The Irish tin whistle has been in existence in one form or another for hundreds of years. Examples of whistles have been found made of many different materials including wood, clay, cane and metal.

Of all the traditional Irish instruments, the Tin Whistle (or Penny Whistle) is probably the most commonly played and the easiest to learn. Many would say it has one of the most pleasing sounds of all musical instruments.

The Feadóg “Original Irish Whistle” is 100% manufactured at our premises in Dublin, Ireland and is the oldest commercially produced tin or penny whistle in Ireland. Although known as the “tin whistle”, the Feadóg is in fact made using a seamless brass barrel. We produce a range of brass, nickel-plated and colour-coated whistles in the keys of “D” and “C”. A whistle tutor book & accompanying C.D are also available.

The Feadóg is a real musical instrument and is produced to the highest standards.

“I use the Feadóg whistle when I’m performing live on tour as well as in studio recording sessions” – Rob Ó’Geíbheannaigh, session musician and whistle player for Sinead Ó’Connor.

“I have been informed that the genuine Feadóg Irish Brass Whistle is the world’s best whistle” – C. Ellis, England.